The Road Less Travelled

The Road Less Travelled

The long road diverged
into two different passages,
I knew not which one to choose
for I couldn’t foresee the damages.
So I stood there,
watching travellers pass by.
A few looked moving forward,
and many more just happened to ally;
Very few from the lot
broke away from the normal course,
while the others would stay
and just hoarse.
And it wasn’t too late,
for even those who backed down –
to return to the source.
Both the passages looked the same,
which nobody could tame
nor have any claim;
But one path, I wondered!
was utterly crowded,
While the other had very few visitors,
for it was too clouded.
The one less travelled by
had an aura of its own,
It was known for the great risks
that could be thrown
The risks are but the force
that brings life to man and
his, hitherto unknown mettle,
to be known.
To the farthest I looked
from where I stood,
It was hard for me to fathom
What good could await them?
To choose the most chosen
is easier for sure
and treading the less travelled
would have hurdles galore;
What joy is there
in getting what you desire
If there is not enough pain,
till the hurdles abate.
The dream not seen
from the eyes of the self-
It is not a dream,
but a loan on the self!
Confused I was
as to which path to choose,
I asked this, vehemently, to myself
and sought nobody’s views;
I had dreamt not to slither-
I had dreamt to fly!
So I chose the path
which was less travelled by.
And today let me say
to this world with pride,
As I let out a sigh,
I chose to be awry, to defy
and this made me hit the bull’s eye!

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