What Does It Mean To Be An Introvert?

What Does It Mean To Be An Introvert?

Being an introvert is quite like diving into a soundless storm that swathes you. It’s the noiseless chaos that wanes into drapes and hides into descents. It is grey amongst the black and white. It is the solitude that you crave in the mindless chatter of the crowd. Being an introvert is more than just being shy or strange. Yes, it is more than loathing trifling talk and awkward encounters, it is the peace and quiet that hankers you relentlessly.

Being an introvert is choosing your words wisely

One of the most distinctive characteristics of an introvert is their infamous reserve. They speak only when it is absolutely necessary or if they have something important to convey. As weird as it may sound, they tend to weigh their words before they articulate it as they are intensely aware that their words have consequences. Oftentimes, an introvert will prepare themselves beforehand to speak and formulate their thoughts clearly before they make an effort to share them with someone else. There is nothing they hate more than small talk. They live for harmony and quietness and can be quite uncomfortable in loud surroundings. 

Being an introvert is wanting to be alone but craving companionship

Yes, an introvert may look quite withdrawn and antisocial, and yet they’d gladly spend deep, beautiful moments with someone they enjoy spending time with. As a whole, they might loathe loud parties, social events, and associates, but they certainly crave human interaction and companionship. They tend to be extremely picky when it comes to people who get to know them and rather have a few, trusted confidantes who will know them inside out. Once an introvert makes you part of their life, you are certain to have a loyal, observant and committed person who will go any length to protect and nurture the relationship you share. 

Being an introvert is having a fun side but being careful about who sees it

Contrary to popular beliefs, introverts can actually be fun. We have been conditioned to believe that extroverts are the funny, outgoing kind while introverts are humorless, grave and sullen. This could not have been further from the truth. While introverts are not so keen on socializing and going all out to show their personality, they sure have a crazy, amusing, chirpy, and fun side. They just tend to be cautious and careful as to who gets to see that. They ensure that people who are close to them see them for what they really are. 

Being an introvert is being wary of who you trust

It is no secret that trust is not something that comes easy to introverts. They have their walls built high and it will take a lot of time before you are presented with an opportunity to have a peek into their lives. They tend to be extremely guarded about the crowd they surround themselves with. That is not to mean they are distrusting of everything and everyone around. They will simply evade the situations that will prompt them to place trust in somebody. This is nothing but a safety mechanism that they use to cope with their decisive fear-hurt and abandonment. 

Being an introvert is having an eye for detail 

If you are a fellow introvert, you would definitely relate when I say this. We notice everything. We may not always say it aloud but we tend to have a keen eye for observation. We often pick up the small details that others tend to miss. This could be a total superpower that helps you make note of people’s gestures and expressions, helping them ace interpersonal communication. 

Being an introvert is being thoughtful 

At most times, introverts are in touch with their inner world of feeling and emotions. They are acutely aware of their surroundings and notice details that often go overlooked. Spending a lot of time with oneself, they pay close attention to you and the words you say, even those ones that may seem insignificant. This trait makes them be fully present and easily connect with people whom they love. Their awareness helps them create deep, meaningful relationships that transcend to be a true asset to anyone and everyone. 

Being an introvert is being sensitive 

Introversion is often always coupled with being sensitive. In comparison to their extroverted counterparts, they tend to be more susceptible to mental and emotional awareness. Their ability to closely listen, understand and empathize with people make them sensitive beings. Introverts tend to suffer from strong, overpowering emotions and are gravely affected by external stimulation. All of this places introverts at greater risk of exhaustion, emotional intensity and anxiety of sorts.

Being an introvert is wanting space 

An introvert easily gets drained around people. They revitalize and refresh by spending some time alone. They withdraw into their outer shell when the outside world gets too noisy. Having that alone time helps them to clear their mind off all the noise and allow them to think clearly. An introvert uses this time to be at peace with themselves and their thoughts. This very quality makes them quite low maintenance and ultimately greater partners who will value your privacy as much as you value theirs.  

Being an introvert is being an empathetic leader 

Although many people seem to disapprove of the idea of introverts being great leaders, it is farther from the truth. It is rather interesting to note that some of the best leaders that the world has ever seen were actually introverted. When an introvert channels their inner strengths, they become a force to be reckoned with. They tend to process information slowly but surely and with their keen observation, is all the more competent to focus his subordinates’ skills, passions and strengths to a more fruitful outcome. As a leader, they may not always be keen on stealing the limelight; in fact, they would gladly let their team be in the spot. They shy away from having all the credits to themselves and happily high points the joined labors of every member who made such an achievement possible. In a nutshell, you may always spot the team before you figure out the introverted leader who led the team. 

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