13 Lies Anxiety Tells You Every Day

13 Lies Anxiety Tells You Every day

There’s this feeling that is as sly and crafty as a fox that finds its way into the brain cells and makes itself home. It is anxiety that flips the zen mind into petrification that goes through the roof. If you’re lucky on certain days, anxiety lets you go about your life without any quibbles but on most days, it’ll station itself at the front and be in the mix of all the things. If you have experienced anxiety in the past or experience it now, you must be well aware of its unrelenting and troublesome nature. In addition, it is a congenital, skilled, and experienced liar. An extremely wily liar. 

These lies bully and control you. The racing thoughts of anxiety incessantly hit your brain and there’s no escape from it. These lies are fed without hitting a pause button which makes you believe in them. 

Here are 13 lies anxiety tells you every day:

1. You’re Not Good Enough

There is a deeply ingrained thought that is buried inside the head deep and surfaces out time and again that you’re not good enough. This is a global belief among people suffering from anxiety. You’re not good enough to get into that college, not good enough to date that girl, not good enough to get that job promotion, not good enough to make quality friends…

The unfortunate thing about it is that it prevents you from achieving your potential and doing the things you’re capable of. It holds you back from living the life you are worthy of. This mere thought holds you back in many ways. 

The dominant nature of this thought leads to anxiety and panic attacks. Just because your mind is saying a lie over and over again, it doesn’t become the truth.

You are good enough!

2. People Don’t Like You

The thought that people don’t like you is a result of the previous thought “you’re not good enough.” People with anxiety tend to have low self-esteem and low self-confidence about themselves. 

Thoughts about you being awkward, annoying, uninteresting, boring, graceless, and so on find a home inside your head. These thoughts pin you down and you can’t seem to lift yourself up and end up being afraid to show the real you out in the open. 

You’re a likeable person and have unique qualities that no one else has. Your friends love and respect you.

3. Everything Is Going To Collapse

Your stomach always churns and you dread everything is going to fall apart and there’s no way you can prevent it from happening. This sinking feeling quickly spirals down and doesn’t let you prepare for this false sense of danger. 

There may be specific things that hold you a prisoner in this vicious circle or you have this belief hardwired into your system that you’re never going to be okay. This unsettling thought is common and is one of the most frequently talked about in anxiety support groups.

Next time you get caught in this circle, know that things are to be okay and you’re fine.

4. You’re Not Capable Of Doing This

You have told yourself multiple times that you’re not good enough to do something well before you even attempted to do it. However, the truth is that you’ll never know until you step out of your comfort zone and take the leap of faith. 

If you desire something, don’t let fear get in the way of making a decision, or else you will regret it later. 

5. You Aren’t Safe

Anxiety wants you to think that you are never safe no matter where you are. It fills you with the belief that you’re in danger at all times and there’s no safe and secure place for you. Anxiety keeps you at the edge at all times when all you should be doing is reposing and resting. It keeps you up at all night wondering what could go wrong.

You’re safe wherever you are and the danger is only in your head.

6. Your Panic Attack Isn’t Just A Panic Attack

Anxiety and panic attacks go hand in hand. The problem arises when it makes you believe that your panic attack isn’t just a panic attack but something much more graver. It makes you think that you are having a heart attack, a stroke, and you’ll end up being paralysed for life or dead. Anxiety attack shows no mercy.

Your panic attack is nothing more than a panic attack which will end before you know it.

7. You Should Shut Yourself Off From The World

Anxiety doesn’t want you to see happy or fulfilled in your life. A mentally stable mind is the antithesis of anxiety. It tells you that you shouldn’t waste your time or someone else’s time in mingling with others. “You shouldn’t meet them” “You should cancel those plans” because you’d end up disappointing people again.

You are welcome in every social gathering you’re invited in or want to be a part of and there’s no reason why you should think otherwise.

8. You Are Weak

Anxiety loves to narrate it to you about how weak, pathetic, and unworthy you are. Every time you are alone, it suggests that you should quit doing something since you are undeserving. It fills and fans the belief that you are small, inconsequential, and burden to your family and friends.

You are strong and capable of doing anything you set your mind to.

9. You Are Unloveable

Anxiety explains and comes up with a hundred different reasons why you should cancel the date before you display your awkwardness in front of your crush. “You are unloved and will remain so” is anxiety’s favourite statement because how could someone in their right mind ever love someone like you.

You are loved and capable of adding more love to your life.

10. You’re Going To Mess Up Everything Good In Your Life

Anxiety neurosis frequently proclaims of how you’re going to ruin everything remotely good in your shit life. If you’re romantically involved with someone, it will tell how you’re going to screw it up. If at last, you end up working in your dream company, anxiety tells you to quit it before you are fired. 

You are not acid that you’d destroy everything you touch. 

11. You Won’t Ever Get Better

Anxiety hammers and stamps into your head that your condition will remain dire forever. This is how you’ll live throughout. It tells you that the anxiety has found permanence in your mind and it is not leaving you ever. It wants you to believe that you have lost the battle and it owns and controls everything you do.

You can start getting better the moment you decide you want to change.

12. You Are Better Off Spending Time Alone

Anxiety loves to keep your social calendar empty so that it has more time to bring you down. “You don’t deserve friends” is one of the lies that convinces you to stay alone and aloof. Anxiety is an expert in making you flake virtually every time even if it means not spending time with people you deeply care about.

You have great friends and they all care about you.

13. You Are A Less Beautiful Human Being

Anxiety has a strong liking in filling you with self-hatred and self-doubt. It reveals to you how you are not beautiful enough or smart enough to do the things you have always wanted to do. 

You are primed for success as long as you put in the work.

These 13 lies anxiety tells you every day. There are so many other lies anxiety bombards your head daily until you start believing in them and start basing your decisions based upon them. They become your truths and catch you in a negative cycle of self-depreciation and self-hatred. You can’t allow yourself to believe in those lies no matter how relentless they might be. It’s important to learn to spot the lies and differentiate between the truth and fiction. There are different ways to find anxiety relief and with a corrected thought process, you will start to tell yourself that you deserve love, respect, and anything you truly desire for.

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  1. Thank you for writing this! I have suffered from most of these lies (if not all of them).

    I especially appreciate #8 where you say “Anxiety loves to narrate…” It really is a narrative, a story that our anxiety tells ourselves.

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