Debut Book

Maroon In A Sky Of Blue

What happens when you start questioning beliefs founded in your sanity?

Withdrawn and reticent, Onir had troubles growing up. He has only two friends; Lavin, who finds solace in Onir’s Zen profundity, has stood by him for 8 years, and Palchinn, who he secretly loves. As Onir starts to come out of his shell and shares his feelings with Palchinn, she embraces him and they settle into a doting relationship. The blossoming young love screeches to a halt when Palchinn ends up in a horrible car accident. Her harrowing death pushes the teenager into a state of suffering. He tries to get out of this rut and meets Ziya who has suffered a similar loss in the past. As they start bonding, he starts healing. But, Onir’s world comes crashing down when Lavin finds out about the two of them. Is Ziya not who she seems to be or is Onir mistaken about her identity? Is reality just a version of events?

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