Stars That Are Not Yet Constellations

“Are we humans because we gaze at the stars or do we gaze at them because we are humans? It is pointless really… But do the stars gaze back? Now that’s a question!”

As kids we have been told when people die, they become stars. When my grandfather died, my mom told me, “He’s not dead. He has just changed his places. He has moved closer to god so that he can have our backs. He’ll look after us in ways he couldn’t while he was here.” Of course, I believed her but I couldn’t decipher how will he look after us?

At times, I’d just gaze at the wide expanse of blackness filled with nothing yet remarkably everything. I would try to reach out and figure out where my grandfather was, where my favourite celebrities were, where the people who had wronged the society were and people who I had never met were. Every near-death experience was portrayed as seeing the light at the end of the tunnel – the stars we turn into eventually.

The sky is always so tragically beautiful and serene in the night. The ultimate cemetery of people gleaming with light to be half illuminated by the moon. However, as the time passes by, we forget to reach out, we forego, we don’t find people in the sky – a reflection of how life on earth is.

To feel and be felt is one of the toughest and rarest things to do. Connections are made and lost. We meet more than a hundred people every year but how many strike you are made of the stuff as you are? I bet, not many. However, if we paused for a moment, looked closely, discerned, we’d perceive, everything is hitched to everything else in the universe. We all are the same – just like the stars in the sky.

If people looked at the stars every day, looking in the sky, beyond infinity, our miserable lives would change into meaningful ones, for we’d realize there are more important things than what we end up doing all day. Life is bigger than what’s on our mind every day. It’s bigger than the last thought we have when we sleep and it’s bigger than the first thought we have when we wake up. It’s bigger than the girl who said ‘No’  and how much money we make on the last day of every month. It’s bigger than what others think and feel about us. It’s bigger than success and failure. It’s bigger than being alive or being dead.

We let our souls get influenced by the surroundings. We let ourselves become everyone’s cup of tea, everyone’s beat that drops, everyone’s favourite book, everyone’s most loved person. Instead, be everyone’s glass of sangria, everyone’s music that feeds the soul, everyone’s favourite character from the book, everyone’s most cherished moment. We must feed our soul so that it shines the brightest in the darkest nights. Control our shell, so that we twinkle and shine in ways, the sun and the moon can’t even imagine.

And that’s the entire universe – a constant struggle of stars forming a constellation again to be rearranged into a different constellation.



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