Survival Of Scars

“There is something beautiful about all scars of whatever nature. A scar means the hurt is over, the wound is closed and healed, done with.” – Harry Krews

I look at my skin and find more than a few scars. These scars a part of me and reflect what I have been through. All the falls, all the accidents, all the torments, all the miseries and all the pain – both physical and emotional. They define my experiences, adventures, and incidents that I so dearly cherish.

Scars are tattoos with better stories. Centuries ago, warriors showed off their scars as symbols of their bravery to impress their friends with exciting tales about how each one happened.  However, the time we live in, people choose to hide them. They conceal them with makeup and made up stories.

They cover their faces and don’t face themselves in the mirror because it would hurt. Fear creeps in – the ugly truth would somehow find its way through those scars and reveal the true, the scarred self.  They harm themselves in an effort to escape from reality – they cling to life by a shredding thread. The sufferings would be exposed and the people out there won’t be empathetic enough to decipher. They’d conjure up stories and come up with a truth of their own.

Beauty as a concept is hard to define.  Imperfections and idiosyncrasies add much more to the beauty than perfection could ever do. Beauty is the balance of what hurts and what heals. It is the balance of the shadow of tragedy and the light of joy. It is the balance of strengths and weaknesses.

We all have scars – both inside and out. We have freckles from sun exposure, wounds from falling off the swing, ruptured skin, broken bones and broken hearts. These scars manifest and make us more beautiful.

It is beautiful to have lived those moments and years, to have experienced it. To bear the marks to prove the inner strength that guided us in those times of turmoil. It takes nothing to dress up but it takes a great deal of courage to wear scars like diamonds.

The perpetuity of scars makes them more impactful than those moments that turn into memories and fade with time. The scars don’t fade. They remain; they stick by your side and is the source of unreleased and unrealized strength to fight all the battles life puts us through.

Every scar is an untold story written in the past. It is a story of someone who has lived through hell, who has depth and knows how to survive. Being a part of this world is beautiful despite all the scars and the tears. Knowing all these stories can provide a ray of hope to a person who’s on the verge of quitting and sometimes, that is more than enough.

The bleeding will stop

The wounds will heal

The scars will form and remain

All of your problems will still not be fixed

The mirror will crack

The scarred reflection will stare back

The mist will cover up the appearance

All of your problems will still not be fixed

The monsters will leave

The inner demons will die

The scars will seep all the light

All of your problems will still not be fixed

But, now you have the crucifix.

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  1. I never imagined beauty as a balance maker! In a world where beauty is more a sign of difference , its refreshing to read such a different view point.

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